Talent Pipeline Consulting


Hiring effective and motivated people leads to higher levels of employee engagement and a strong correlation to increased productivity and profits. Our approach is predictable and consistent which uses key behavioural factors to analyze strengths/gaps against required performance. Our methods highlight the attributes required for “best fit” from an individual and team balance perspective.

A Traditional ‘Post & Pray’ Job Board Produces Weak Results
Enhancing your Talent Pipeline

Many organizations have made a considerable investment in building their talent pipelines, however, few have tracked and measured the effectiveness of their platform’s output. Are you using the right sourcing channels, and are you using them correctly?

Measurable Results with Extended Warranties

The effectiveness of a traditional “post and pray” job board model is exceedingly weak relative to proprietary referral networks, segmented social media and a vetted talent marketplace. The results of our systemic approach to uncovering and hosting high-performing talent in a central marketplace talent can be tracked, measured and tied to overall departmental and business outcomes.