Recruitment Options

Leverage the Knowledge of Industry Experts

Permanent Recruitment involves more than simply sourcing candidates with the skills and experience to do the job. It also involves alignment between your requirements and the attitudes and behaviours of the candidates. As a result, the unique knowledge of our industry experts ensures that the best talent is presented to meet the needs of each client’s recruitment assignment.

Sometimes it’s prudent to be covert

In some markets, the competitive field is oligarchic where often today’s competitor might feasibly be tomorrow’s joint-venture partner. Sometimes it’s prudent for management to use a proxy to approach a known candidate. If no conflict exists, our professional recruiters will approach this targeted candidate on your behalf for a nominal fee.

Hire on contract then convert to full-time

We maintain a clearinghouse of independent property, project management, facility and real estate executives who are available for short to medium term contracts. Client’s post an RFP on our site for free, we assess your need and invite a targeted list of contractors to respond to the RFP. The contractor pays our fee. Some contractors are open to conversion to full-time after six months but that’s generally an arrangement made in advance.

Full-time/Part-time – Generational knowledge at a discount

The desire to have “Work-Life Balance” was once considered a reason for rejecting a job prospect, now it has become part of the productivity lexicon. We designed our FlexWork Clearinghouse to help the retiring Baby Boomer gear-back, yet subsidize their pension while helping companies acquire generational knowledge. Possible uses for this service is engaging a project manager for a specific deal, re-engineer a process, raise capital or manage a defined number of properties while mentoring critical members of your staff.