P2P Referral Based Recruitment


Established recruitment theory suggests without the assistance of a recruiter, a passive candidate must be made aware of a career opportunity at least five times through social media before becoming motivated to apply. This process of allowing a position to percolate through multiple industry channels is a “Hobsons’ Choice” approach to targeting talent, and simply takes too long.

“Our candidates are educated, prepared and primed for success”

Studies indicate that a corporate career portal might take as long as 55 days, while job posting on a social media platform takes 39 days. Our referral based approach rarely exceeds 29 days which translates into a much shorter period to conduct effective on-boarding.

We restrict our referral sources to known high performers

A person’s income is generally equal to the average income of a person’s five closest friends, so the old adage “birds of a feather flock together” bears some truth. We restrict our referral sources to members of NEXTalent’s proprietary networks and known industry professionals.

“Like Tends to Refer Like – They Refer Whom They Respect”

Participants in NEXTalent’s Talent Marketplace and HiP Community recognize the importance of contributing to their business network’s success by participating in our peer2peer referral program. They put NEXTalent’s clients in front of prospects in their business networks who matter – educated, prepared and primed for success.