Gathering Network Intel

We utilize gamification to track and measure quality of referrals.

The identification of talent is a form of intelligence gathering. We maintain a formal industry referral network which we financially reward for successful referrals so we are constantly adding referred and vetted talent to the membership roster in our talent market. This systemic approach to uncover talent can be tracked, measured and tied to known industry professionals so we’re very selective choosing our sources. Those who produce low-quality results are quickly dropped from our referral network.

We strive for greater visibility and insight around the talent we present

Individuals may also apply for membership to NEXTalent’s Talent Marketplace. There is a fee involved to cover the cost of vetting however, it’s refundable if the applicant achieves the quality standards we’ve set for the marketplace. Please note, applicants must score near to high-performing for their potential in the relevant benchmarks and/or career classification.

The talent war to fill a niche, high impact and knowledge-driven position is fought asymmetrically.