Widening the talent funnel

Technology firms have have created Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for both enterprise and independent recruiting firms which have dramatically reduced the front-end cost of scraping the Internet. Most of these systems apply a shotgun strategy, firing indiscriminately across social media, attracting the low hanging talent (active & opportunistic job seekers).

The products and cloud services these technology firms design (including LinkedIn Recruiter) are binary in their staged workflow and skills assessment. The number of times a skill is mentioned in a resume ranks a candidate in output, but the output is far from relevant and doesn’t account for nuance or behaviours.

Treasure hunting sometimes requires a pick and shovel
Narrowing the focus through referral

The talent war for niche, high impact and knowledge driven positions is fought asymmetrically, the recruiting steps aren’t binary as the talent operates behind the scenes. Finding this talent requires the improvisational opportunism of a strategically minded recruiter to identify them through referral sources, pursue and persuade them to consider changing jobs. This value-add and asymmetrical approach is NEXTalent’s business model.