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Just as organizations use branding to project a positive identity to customers, so too, employer branding can convey positive identity to potential and existing employees. Effective corporate branding reinforces the image of an organization as a great place to work.

It takes an integrated effort by a variety of stakeholders to attract talent. Talent scarcity requires employers to actively market their brand by highlighting the benefits of working in their firm.

Talent scarcity requires employers to actively market their brand

It is a proven statistic that 73% of employees feel unfulfilled with their job, conversely the top 3% to 20% of employees generally produce 80% of a corporation’s results. These statistics are stated in the average and not in the Range or the Mode. Imagine the increased productivity, if you could reduce the 73% to 53% and increase the percentage of top employees by another 10%. A high performer acquired through our program is statistically likely to be 55% more productive and 25% more profitable than an average worker. A high performer is prone to attract like-minded performers to their company.

Like Begets Like

The re-balancing of organizational performance requires patience and methodical determination with a bit of bloodletting of obvious under-performers in the early stages of the program to send a clear message of intent. We align our fees so they reflect mutual success outcomes such as improved employee satisfaction scores, higher productivity, lower sick days, reduced voluntary turnover, improved tenure and a measurable improvement in profitability.
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