Unlocking Internal Talent

Unlocking Internal Talent Across Silos

As global and national markets become more dynamic and competitive, real property, construction and investment companies have recognised the importance of flexible deployment of talent across geography to quickly execute on value-creating initiatives. However, most companies aren’t set up to allocate talent efficiently across the traditional organisational silos that stand as their most prominent structural feature. They labour under conventional hierarchical models which “push” resources to where companies deem them to be needed most.

Most companies aren’t set up to allocate talent efficiently

For example, consider a retail mall manager. The structural limitations built into silos is such, that even when there is ample evidence of the Manager’s ability to increase miscellaneous rental income, only on the rare occasion will a property manager be considered for an opportunity within the retail leasing department.

The silo rather than the corporation often own the staff

Most companies typically allocate roles through personal connections and transactions between individual bosses and individual employees or within small groups. Managers find it difficult to know who among a company’s talented workers would be the best person for an available position as staff are often owned by the silo rather than the corporation.

Competency Audit

We can facilitate the uncovering of employees with flexible high performing competencies. An audit of internal talent competencies ensures a client’s top performers are being allowed to fulfil their capabilities within the organisation as a whole thereby increasing the flexibility of competency within the workforce while mitigating the risk of losing critical skills.