Talent Marketplace


Members in NEXTalent’s Marketplace are industry professionals who are open to new opportunities and/or provide industry referrals on our assignments. Members are identified by one of the following methods: referred through NEXTalent’s Peer2Peer Referral System, their industry accomplishment and reputation has been noticed by our research team, or they’ve applied directly and agreed to a thorough vetting of their experience and executive competencies.

What are the benefits?

Members: Members of the Talent Marketplace receive career counselling, job search support (active promotion to clients) and front-of-the-line access to NEXTalent’s clients and ongoing opportunities. Members also receive cash and bonus rewards for referring successful prospects to NEXTalent assignments.

Employers: It’s not uncommon for candidates placed through NEXTalent to be promoted within 12 months of their hire. In terms of employee performance metrics, clients can expect employees drawn from NEXTalent’s Talent Marketplace to be 25% more profitable and 52% more productive relative to per employee costs. Our confidence in candidate quality allows us to offer clients an 18-month replacement warranty.