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What is the membership criteria for HiP and the Talent Marketplace?
  1. HiP: Body of work, contribution to industry thought leadership and the depth of your business network,
  2. HiP: Co-op or graduate students of recognized universities and colleges in relevant real estate, construction, investment and finance programs and have benchmarked ‘above average’ for one or more relevant industry positions. (Assessment costs available through cororate sponsorship.)
  3. TM: Referred by HiP member or scientifically assessed for near to high performance in an industry-related function.
What does the assessment do and not do?

The assessment tool unlocks your career potential by creating awareness around your preferred behavioural style. It measures you against yourself to identify your unique behavioural preferences. If choosing a career or transitioning, not only can we tell you what your optimum functional performance can be, we can tell you what function will give you the greatest satisfaction. What it doesn’t do is measure knowledge, skills or technical competencies.

How comprehensive is the assessment?

It’s highly granular assessment covering 85 independent behavioural traits distilled into 26 natural competencies and six behavioural categories that contribute to professional success. These categories address “Solutions and your approach to understanding problems”, “Motivation or what keeps you on track to accomplish things”, “Relationships or how you ‘prefer’ to influence and relate”, “Productivity or how you prioritize and complete tasks”, “Organizational Needs or competencies that respond to specific emerging needs of your organization” and finally, “Personal Success or how you self-manage and what function will give you the greatest satisfaction.”

Will it tell me if my executive potential is above average?

From this raw data, we assess your competencies necessary for an executive role relative to our research of exceptional executive performers. From this, we extrapolate the level of similarity between your profile of behavioural preferences and the high-performing profile in roles specifically selected for the assessment.

How many functional benchmarks have you researched?

We have 653 job specific benchmarks spanning six work themes available for determining the high-performing competencies found in critical real property, finance and investment functions. A selection of real estate benchmarks is: Pres./CEO RE Developer, Pres/CEO Integrated Corporate Services, Pres./CEO Large Retailer, Project Executive, VP HR, Lawyer – RE, Chief Corporate Security, VP Retail Operators, VP RE Dev., Director RE Dev., VP Retail Leasing, Senior Mgr. Retail Leasing (Open & Enclosed), Greenfield Retail Leasing, Accountant Jr./Intermediate/Senior, Project Manager, Architect, Portfolio/Asset Manager, Store Manager – Retail, Franchise – Retail.

Is there a cost for membership?

There is no cost for belonging to HiP or the Talent Marketplace assuming you’ve come to us through the referral from known industry professionals or undergone assessment as a candidate for one of NEXTalent’s or Rutherford International’s assignments. The cost of taking the assessment independent is relatively inexpensive but highly beneficial in your career planning particularly if you or your company is contemplating enrolling you in an EMBA. You are automatically enrolled if you benchmark ‘above average’ in a benchmark relevant to your experience or career pursuits if you’re a student.

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