Benefits of HiP


It’s reasonable to assume that the most engaged industry high-performers are likely now or will become the leading thought leaders as well. Membership qualification in the HiP-Community is not based entirely on title or years of experience. Apart from external thought leaders and academics, the core of the membership is drawn from referrals to our Talent Marketplace. Membership determination for individuals with limited industry experience is based upon a scientifically derived score that measures a person’s potential for high performance relative to industry peers in their chosen function. The accuracy of this assessment tool is 83%.


Exceptionalism attracts exceptionalism. The foremost benefit of membership is the ability to associate with high-performing peers and industry thought leaders.

Knowledge Archive:
Community members interact through an online private communications site (PCN) which gives them a high degree of access to intermingle both publicly and privately with fellow members.

Referral Network:
As part of the Talent Marketplace, HiP-Community members are able to accrue financial and non-financial rewards for referring individuals within their industry network to open NEXTalent assignments.

Campus Recruiting:
Student members of the HiP-Community are graduates from an accredited university or college. Their acceptance into the community, however, is not related to the student’s GPA. Membership is predicated upon the student’s potential to high-perform as determined by their behavioural benchmark. NEXTalent facilitates the placement of HiP Student members into internships and entry-level opportunities.

Career Advisory:

      1. Receive early notification on relevant recruitment assignments by NEXTalent,
      2. Access to career assistance, referrals to specialized professional resources and compensation advice,
      3. Arrange for formal mentoring programs between elder thought leaders and young members,
      4. Encourage placement of internships for high scoring post-secondary co-op students,
      5. Uncover relevant first-time career opportunities for graduating student members.