Talent Management

Two Talent Management Initiatives

“Digital marketplaces are changing how we archive proprietary knowledge and promote individual expertise to hiring companies. Rutherford International has created two initiatives in this regard. The first is a knowledge market which we have dubbed The HiP Community. Knowledge and information offer career advantages to those willing to mine the information, particularly from resources that are rapidly moving toward retirement. The mission of this knowledge market is to promote the preservation of institutional and individual industry knowledge within a searchable database and make it available to young rising stars within the real estate, finance and construction industries.

We’re a market maker for talent and knowledge

The second initiative is the creation of a Talent Marketplace made up of above-average industry professionals who have chosen to manage their careers and look to us to make a market for their skills. The membership roster consists of known industry professionals, their referrals and independent applicants who have agreed to be scientifically vetted for their potential. Companies can source and hire from this roster with an assurance that the prospects potential for above average performance exceeds the average professional in a similar function.”

Forbes J. Rutherford, Rutherford International, 2018