High-Performance Benchmarking


NEXTalent is a contributing sponsor of a behavioural research study to benchmark the high-performing competencies found in key real property, finance and investment functions. Supported by thirty plus years of behavioural science study, the research applies statistical validity used in actuarial science to determine with 83% predictive accuracy a person’s potential for on-the-job performance.

The accurate prediction of an individual’s potential for on-the-job performance is unique to a Category One assessment tool such as ours. Global 1000 firms use our tool to conduct succession planning, team design, corporate acquisition due diligence and new hires. The American Olympic organization and semi-pro sports organizations have used our methods to identify high performing athletes and coaches. The U.S. military has used the research to identify “Top Gun” fighter pilots and candidates for counterinsurgency training in their Special Forces.

Our Benchmarks are an accurate prediction of a person’s on-the-job potential

We have benchmarks for over 653 defined positions and six career themes spanning executive, management and staff roles in a myriad of industries against which you can be assessed.

In real estate, we offer the following predictive benchmarks: Pres./CEO RE Developer, Pres/CEO Integrated Corporate Services, Pres./CEO Large Retailer, Project Executive, VP HR, Lawyer – RE, Chief Corporate Security, VP Retail Ops, VP RE Dev., Director RE Dev., VP Retail Leasing, Senior Mgr. Retail Leasing (Open & Enclosed), Greenfield Retail Leasing, Accountant Jr./Intermediate/Senior, Project Manager, Architect, Portfolio/Asset Manager, Store Manager – Retail, Franchise – Retail.