The benefits of working through an intermediary to identify talent are most evident in industries such as real estate, finance and investment where corporate concentration is relatively oligarchic, and/or interconnected with overlapping relationships. Yesterday’s employer may be a co-venture partner tomorrow.

The competitor you raided yesterday may be your JV partner tomorrow

We believe companies within oligarchic industries who publicly recruit without the benefit of hiding behind an intermediary will undermine their ability to access the best available talent. Candidates prefer to hide behind a third-party.

Passive candidates respond best to human interaction

Passive candidates are generally reluctant to submit their resume directly to a firm especially if the company is incognito directly or indirectly through an agency. They prefer receiving a referral through a known associate or a direct call from a third-party. NEXTalent mitigates this hesitancy by offering a layer of privacy and access for all parties.

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