Our internal recruiter is just as effective and cheaper!

If it’s glaringly obvious that your external recruiter is simply trolling LinkedIn and compiling job board responses and this method is acceptable to you, then reduce their fee to what your internal cost of talent acquisition is, outsource all your business to them so they can justify margin or fire them out-right and beef up your internal department. Firing them outright is the best course of action, as a very low percentage of hires through this methodology are on-the-job after one year. However, you have to ask yourself if the very best are submitting their resume to your company career portal. I humbly submit they aren’t; as well, the on-the-job statistic after one year is only slightly better than sourcing through LinkedIn or a job board.

The competitor you raided yesterday may be your JV partner tomorrow

The benefits of working through an intermediary to identify talent are most evident in industries such as real estate, finance and investment where corporate concentration is relatively oligarchic, and/or interconnected with overlapping relationships. Yesterday’s employer may be a co-venture partner tomorrow. It’s not uncommon for companies to have an understanding not to poach from one another, such an agreement puts you squarely on the wrong side of the law and offers up in a litigious environment, no end to grief.

High calibre candidates hide behind third-party representation

We believe companies within oligarchic industries who publicly recruit without the benefit of hiding behind an intermediary will undermine their ability to access the best available talent. High-performing candidates prefer to be courted or in most instances don’t even know they’re looking until asked.

Passive candidates respond best to human interaction

Passive candidates are generally reluctant to submit their resume directly to an employer or to a position marketed by multiple agencies. They prefer receiving a referral from a known associate or a direct call from a third-party. NEXTalent mitigates this hesitancy by offering a layer of privacy and access for all parties.

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